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Dr. William P. Grady

Dr. William P. Grady has been a full-time evangelist since 1996. Prior to that, he pastored five years and taught Bible and History on the college level for ten years. He is also a board member of the Baptist History Preservation Society of Rockwell, North Carolina. Dr. Grady is the author of multiple books, including Final Authority, What Hath God Wrought!, How Satan Turned America Against God, and Given by Inspiration.

Final AuthorityFinal Authority
Final Authority presents a scholarly, yet readable defence of the King James Bible which answers many of the questions being asked by sincere Christians, such as: Who were the KJV translators?
Given by InspirationGiven by Inspiration
A Multifaceted Study on the A.V. 1611 with Contemporary Analysis. This book approaches the King James Bible from a unique point of view...Faith.
Holy GroundHoly Ground
Understanding the Times - Volume Two - A basic history of the modern state of Israel is indispensable to interpret current prophetic events. Unlike standard works, Holy Ground presents both a lucid and fascinating synopsis of all important facts.
How Satan Turned America Against GodHow Satan Turned America Against God
Understanding the Times - Volume One
What Hath God WroughtWhat Hath God Wrought
A Biblical Interpretation of American History.

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